Live illustration is the perfect way to combine good entertainment with customized attention. And there are many different ways in which illustrations can be used to great effect.

From personalized letterings, illustrated cards and gift boxes to quick fashion sketches, I have already implemented a wide variety of creative concepts for my clients at events.

However, the portrait illustrations (e.g. for Tiffany & Co or Gucci), which I create in a short time from the guests present, are usually the most popular. This usually takes me about ten minutes, during which I create a detailed and aesthetic portrait with ink and light watercolor accents. The guest receives a unique gift that reminds them of a special event in a very special way.

For me personally, portrait drawing is a secret favorite because I love looking at a face and being able to filter out the most striking features and facial characteristics of a person in as little time as possible and then put them on paper. And of course I am always delighted to hear that the results of my work are then framed and adorn the walls of the people portrayed.

By the way, couple portraits are an excellent gift, especially for occasions such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. When two people are photographed together, this emphasizes the uniqueness of the moment even more.

There are also great points of contact with customers from the beauty sector. For example, illustrating with make-up. The creative aspect can be directly combined with the actual product, creating an aesthetic symbiosis.

There are still many beautiful variations that can be incorporated into the concept of portrait illustration. I am happy to discuss possible options and concepts with my clients.

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