Anja Karboul – Fashion illustration, portrait drawings and live illustration

Welcome to my portfolio! My name is Anja Karboul and I am a freelance fashion illustrator from Berlin with a soft spot for trends and a knack for pen and brush. My field of activity can be divided into three main creative areas, which I would like to present here.

Fashion illustration with a flair for trends and beautiful silhouettes

Since my origins are in fashion design, my fashion illustrations almost automatically revolve around silhouettes, fashion labels, faces and colors. I love to draw courageous women who radiate a certain attitude and confidence. But I’m also fascinated by the question of what actually constitutes fashion. Authenticity is certainly one answer to this question, which I explore in my work in the form of fashion sketches.
My illustrations are used in editorials, mailings, on posters or, most recently, in German Vogue.

Live illustration at events and exclusive occasions

I am also passionate about using my brush and drawing pad at live events, bringing quick fashion drawings to life for clients such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Tiffany & Co. With event illustration, the challenge is to draw a look or a face live within a very short time and put it on paper with a few brushstrokes.

I have already realized a wide variety of concepts and ideas for my customers and I look forward to every new challenge to create many more wonderful and exclusive gifts for special events and festivities as well as unique memories of a special day. From hand-painted Christmas baubles and shop windows, to artfully decorated cards and gift boxes, to live drawings of guests in watercolor, ink, marker, gold or collage – there are almost no limits to your imagination.

Portrait illustration as a quick sketch or detailed drawing

I have a particular soft spot for faces and their different forms. As an illustrator, I am fascinated by the fine, small details that make every face unique and unmistakable. Making this unmistakability visible and the role that light and shadow play in this inspires and drives me at the same time. My portrait illustrations are created both classically on paper in a few precise strokes, as well as digitally on the tablet in detailed elaboration.

Are you interested in working with us or simply have an idea for an upcoming project? I am happy to accept requests for collaborations, events or other projects at Further information and many examples of my work can be found in the various categories of this portfolio. Have fun browsing!