Live illustration in Berlin and throughout Germany

Fashion sketches and live illustrated portraits are a wonderful way to create a special memory of an event or occasion. With just a few brushstrokes and in the shortest possible time, a moment is captured that will remain in the memory of the portrayed for a long time as an aesthetic eye-catcher.

Event illustration can be creatively applied to many concepts

Stylistically, there are no limits to the possibilities of live illustrations. Depending on the subject matter, I create illustrations, sketches or letterings to match your concept. Whether as a colorful watercolor or a reduced ink sketch – the range of illustration types is also wide.

For me, event illustration means giving every guest a very special moment. Five to ten exclusive minutes in which my attention is focused on a single person – in our fast-paced world, that is a special gift.

I offer my live illustrations both digitally and analog on paper. The most popular variant is the classic illustration with pen and brush on high-quality paper. The reason is obvious: it is fascinating to see how a picture takes shape with just a few strokes on the page and, together with a little color, combines into a coherent little work of art. The result is undoubtedly unique and cannot be reproduced a second time.

But digital illustration also offers many advantages. Here you have the option of working with prepared backgrounds or logos. The resulting sketches can be printed out on site or sent by email in the correct format to be presented on social media.

Even individually embellished products such as bags, flacons or cards become an individualized eye-catcher thanks to live-drawn illustrations or lettering. Depending on the season, there are a variety of occasions for which the perfect product can be found.

But whether analog or digital, lettered or painted, an illustration is more unique than any photo and, when presented in a branded envelope or frame, becomes a valuable gift and an emotional memento.

Live drawing at your event

From Louis Vuitton and Gucci to Prada and Tiffany & Co, as an event illustrator I have had the pleasure of supporting many great clients with my illustrations and enjoy every new challenge and every great feedback I receive after an event:

“Thank you again for your great support! Our guests were more than thrilled with your beautiful illustrations.” A.L. Event Manager, Louis Vuitton

“Thank you so much once again for this great day! We received so much positive feedback from our customers, it was really great.”N.K. Store Manager, Gucci

If you are interested, please contact me and I will work with you to develop an individual concept for your next event. Send me your request to and I will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss further details.