Fashion illustration for fashion, beauty & lifestyle clients

As a trained fashion designer, I usually find my way into illustration through topics that revolve around fashion. My work for labels such as Yohji Yamamoto, Kenneth Cole and Schumacher has always revolved around silhouettes, colors and fabrics.

I am fascinated by how people express themselves and move, what they wear and why they choose a particular item of clothing. Authenticity is particularly important to me as an illustrator.

Fashion drawings translate trends into tangible visual language

My fashion illustrations revolve around women and men who turn clothes into fashion. Because fashion is a broad concept and usually not tangible, but rather a feeling that I want to capture on paper and give my very own touch.

I use pen, brush and paper in the traditional way or translate my inspirations digitally into visual language. If necessary, I also mix the worlds of analog and digital in order to explore new paths for my work process.

In an increasingly digitalized world, I see fashion illustration as a creative mouthpiece and a way of directing and guiding the viewer’s gaze. Being able to play with fashion and interpret it is a great gift that I use in my work. When I start an illustration, I never know how it will develop and it’s this process that really captivates me and always arouses my curiosity, resulting in beautiful projects.

Illustrations for great clients from the fashion and beauty sectors

I have already been able to express my creativity in collaborations with clients such as Tiffany & Co, H&M, Prada or Hugo Boss and support them in the form of fashion sketches and conceptual illustrations. A particularly beautiful collaboration with Levi’s appeared in German Vogue in March 2022 and can be seen hereI am happy to accept your requests for collaborations and other projects at Further information and many examples of my work can be found in the various categories of this portfolio. Have fun browsing!