Live illustration with lipstick, eye shadow, make-up etc. is a great way for beauty brands to present their products in a creative way and surprise customers with a special gift.

Eyeliner, eyebrow pencils and eyeshadow brushes are perfect for creating dramatic eyes. You can create beautiful color transitions on paper, especially with eyeshadow. Lipstick and blush provide bright color accents with intense pigments and can be applied either directly or with a brush on the paper.

In my example, I intentionally smeared the lipstick beyond the lips to add drama to the illustration and to show that the subject matter lends itself wonderfully to playing and experimenting with the materials.

And the most important thing: it’s fun to see how an illustration is created with products that have been misappropriated in a spectacular way. A perfect experience for events where brands from the beauty sector want to give their customers or guests a different perspective on their products and create lasting memories.

There are certainly many great opportunities to showcase your brand in a variety of ways. Talk to me, I look forward to your inquiry!