To capture an unforgettable day in pictures, photographs are indispensable at a wedding. Pictures capture the best moments of the day and are an important emotional anchor, especially when viewed later, to bring the memories back to life.

When it comes to emotionality, illustrations go one step further. Drawings convey a very special atmosphere and capture the impressions of a wedding in a stylized mood reduced to the essentials. For example, if you want to give your guests a very special memento of the wedding, give them the opportunity to have themselves drawn live on site. Here, the focus is increasingly on depicting the characteristics of the respective characters and their outfits, which are staged with corresponding colors.

Illustrationen of guests at a wedding celebration

In March of this year, I was able to accompany a beautiful wedding near Lübeck, where I not only documented impressions of the wedding ceremony in a traditional reed barn with brush and paint, but also drew the invited guests after the ceremony. This resulted in great portrait illustrations of grandparents with grandchildren, couples, parents with children or old friends.

Illustration wedding couple

All the illustrations were displayed around me during the day so that the guests present could view and discuss the resulting pictures during the reception. This led to some wonderful moments of recognition and philosophizing about what actually makes the person in the illustration recognizable.
The process of creating the sketches also inspired many guests. The moment when color meets paper has a special magic every time, so my place became a coveted spot for the day.

Each individual illustration was scanned and digitized by me at the end. At the end of the day, each guest received the original in a beautiful envelope and the digital image as well. A unique gift to frame, remember and cherish.