If you had told my twenty-year-old self back then that I would one day work as an illustrator for great luxury brands at very exclusive events, I would have looked quite incredulous. Working as a fashion illustrator and being able to regularly work on beautiful projects with great clients is the definition of a dream job for me.

As a trained fashion designer, my focus has always been on silhouettes, colors and materials. The interplay between zeitgeist and fashion fascinated me even before I knew the word zeitgeist. I quickly realized that my greatest fascination lies in observing and depicting fashion and the subtle nuances that need to be taken into account.

To this day, I find it exciting to explore the fine line between perfect and overdone in illustration. I’m sure that’s why I love working live as a fashion illustrator at events and exclusive functions so much. It’s all about speed and precision. There is no time for doubt and deliberation, because the best possible result has to be achieved in the shortest possible time with just a few brushstrokes.

Live-Sketches at Louis Vuitton Stuttgart

When illustrating fashion sketches, spontaneity and concentration often produce the best effects because the focus is on the essentials. Quick fashion sketches can convey an atmosphere and a trend very differently than a photo. Or they can draw the viewer’s attention to a specific detail. For example, when it comes to jewelry, shoes, make-up or sunglasses. I playfully incorporate elements into my fashion illustrations, emphasizing them through color or line quality.

It’s not unusual for very nice conversations to arise with the people I’m drawing during the live illustration and so sometimes even personal wishes can be incorporated into the illustrations, turning a quick fashion sketch into a very personal and unique memento.