This year, a little dream came true for me. The April issue of the German VOGUE magazine published an interview with me based on a project I was allowed to realize for the Levi’s brand.

But let’s start from the beginning: what was this project about?

For its spring/summer 2022 collection, Levi’s asked itself how femininity can be defined and what it means for each individual. This question gave rise to the New Femininity Art Project, in the context of which Levi’s asked three different artists what their own personal interpretation of New Femininity looks like.

Illustrator Vogue and Levis

The only requirement in the creative development was to interpret an existing look from the current spring/summer 2022 collection in a graphic way and thus place it in its own context.

For my look, I drew on the iconic Levi’s 501, which I wore with pride as a teenager during the 90s, and a smocked white blouse with flared puffed sleeves on a type of woman that corresponds to my idea of self-determination and diversity – two factors that for me largely determine the value of the new femininity.

Fashion illustration for Levi`s in Vogue

Some time later, I was able to admire the result on a whole page in the print edition of VOGUE. It was a special moment for me because this magazine, like so many other girls and women, has been with me since my teenage years and has always been THE benchmark for style and trends.

In the accompanying online interview, I talk a little about my style and my approach as an artist, my values and why, for me, fashion always goes hand in hand with femininity. Click here for the full interview.

Many thanks once again to Levi’s and VOGUE for this wonderful collaboration!