For the second year in a row, I’ve bundled my illustrations from the past year into a wall calendar, starting a little tradition of looking back on my creative process.

For the joy of illustration

Regardless of what projects the year has in store for me, I try to create islands of time in my creative everyday life in which I can create free works, detached from commissioned work. These are illustrations that are created purely for the joy of drawing and serve no other purpose than to please me. Here I have the opportunity to play with color and composition and let myself drift creatively. I usually don’t have an idea of what the end result should look like and decide by feel when the illustration is finished.
When I illustrate live, a fixed time frame determines when the sketch is finished. With commissioned work, on the other hand, there are many specifications and parameters that I have to observe. That’s why I enjoy it all the more to be able to spend many hours drawing a single fashion illustration in my studio at home, without having to keep an eye on time or specifications.

Calendar pages with fashion illustrations


Creative retrospective

When the year comes to an end, a small collection of these personal drawings has usually accumulated and it is exciting for me to look back and see which colors I used intuitively, whether the visual language was rather restrained or very loud and experimental.
In the winter of 2021, I bundled the year’s fashion illustrations and portraits into a calendar. Last year, I continued this tradition and once again published a wall calendar, this time in a larger A3 format. In it I show my favorite works from the year 2022, which now lead from month to month through the year 2023 and invite you to look at them with large-format pictures.

Calendar pages with Fashion Sketches

Here is an insight into the calendar for 2023 and I am already looking forward to the next edition with lots of fresh fashion illustrations for the coming year.